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Flying Home Specializes in International Repatriation.

In times of distress and loss in a foreign country, our team of experienced specialists is available 24/7 to provide assistance and support. We help the bereaved families all over the world with our trained, multilingual staff members at a reasonable cost of repatriation. We understand and respect different cultures, traditions and religions.

There are various reasons for repatriation in Singapore. For living individuals, repatriation may be voluntary and involuntary, these two conditions often affect the cost of repatriation in more ways than one. For instance, if the cause of repatriation is the end of an employment contract, the foreign worker will not need to worry about repatriation costs as it will be taken care of by the employer. In case that the repatriation is due to a medical condition that can threaten the lives of Singapore citizens, the cost of repatriation will be covered by the government. The same applies when the foreign national applied for repatriation to the government voluntarily.

Flying Home specialises in repatriation of human remains. We understand that most people wish to return to their home country upon their death. It is an honourable rite to be buried in one’s homeland. Thus we provide an affordable cost of repatriation for the bereaved family’s convenience. Here at Flying Home, we help families in their moments of grief by providing reasonable repatriation costs. We promised to send your departed loved ones home to you in the most honourable way possible.

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