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Our Team

Our Team

In our profession, work mainly takes place on an emotional level. This requires staff to be able to empathize and understand every grieving family or friend. In addition to possessing a high level of emotional intelligence, our staff members are equipped with product and service knowledge designed to help you give your loved one a proper send-off.

Being part of a strong and global team strengthens the morale of each staff member, allowing them to give their best to every person we serve. All team members follow our strict professional code of ethics and conduct. Our team members are committed to serve each family or individual with the utmost respect and dignity at all times.

Natalia Susanto

Repatriation Specialist

Natalia has been with Ang Chin Moh Group, which Flying Home is part of, for 12 years. She has served clients and worked with assistance companies on repatriations. She is currently part of the group’s business development team growing strategic partnerships for the business.​

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