World United For Life 2020

To many, death is the absolute end – the end of life, the end of the person, the end of companionship and more. After all, you can’t see your loved one anymore. Death seems to bring a big, black full stop. But death, in fact, is not the end of a person in your life. Your loved one continues to live on in you.

We might be away from home, away from your loved one but we can commemorate and honour your loved ones together.

14 February, you set aside time to celebrate Valentines Day with your partner.

During your birthday, your family and friends set aside time to celebrate the day with you.

In the midst of your hectic life, why not set aside some time to commemorate the lives of your loved ones that have passed on? Let us do it TOGETHER on The World United for Life Day!
Get your family and friends to join us in celebrating this meaningful day!

Join us in celebrating World United for Life Day! We will holding a Facebook live. Click here to our Facebook page!

Date: 20 September 2020
Time: 11am to 1pm
Location: Facebook page

Commemorate the lives of your loved ones by uploading a photo of a light candle in the comment section. Include a most unforgettable memory you have with your loved ones.

30 August