Joanne, UK, 21 February 2017

“Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a firm of funeral directors in the U.K. who recently arranged the funeral of the late Mr John S. who was in your care.

…  I am a qualified embalmer and I have never seen such an excellent embalming.

… the gentlemen looked as good on the day of his funeral (17th Feb) as the day he arrived with us in January.”

Mr Hendra Tirtawinata, Indonesian, 14 January 2017

“Very good service. I am very pleased.”

Liman Aandry, Indonesian, 17 September 2016

“Thank you for the best service. We wish all of us success and have a smooth one. ACM Thumbs up!!”

Family of Sufiati Toligi, Indonesian, 2 August 2016

“Good response, very quick and thorough. Friendly teamwork. Please provide snacks for future.”

Mr Willy Gunardi, Indonesian, 4 July 2016

“Flying Home serve my family more than excellent. They fast, on time and professional. Flying Home makes us easier because they prepare anything before the time. So, thank to Flying Home.”

Xia Yun Fang, China, 23 June 2016

“On behalf of my beloved child, I thank Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors for all the help during the funeral. Thank you.”

Mrs Herawaty Surarya, Indonesian, 21 June 2016

“Thank you very much for taking care of my husband from the hospital to back in Indonesia. Very professional and love caring staff. Mr Ang is very nice, kind and loving. Accommodate all our needs in timely manner. We are thankful and grateful for his service and dedication throughout the whole process. We appreciated everything that you have done for my husband, our father and grandfather.”

Mrs Novita, Indonesian, 2 June 2016

“We are thank you for every help and guidance given to us through this difficult journey. Special thanks to Mr Ang and Ms Shane Yang. May god bless you in return. Note: Thank you for the cute teddy bear given to Nicholas. God bless you.”

Lucia Suzana Tanjungan, Indonesian, 10 May 2016

“Thank you for helping us through these difficult time. I am glad that Western Casket has arranged everything in such professional way, and it gives peace to our minds, knowing that our loving father is taken care well. He will be flying home for his final journey with the best service we can arrange. We are very grateful.”

Ms Venessa, Indonesian, 24 March 2016

“Excellent work, well organized and very helpful.”

Aliwarga Family, Indonesian, 21 February 2016

“We are satisfied with all the services. Everything went smooth. Flying Home is very knowledgeable about all the necessary services. The owner is very friendly, open and helpful. Definitely will the one we recommend. They are able to meet and make sure our special requests or needs are met.”

Ms Cindy, Indonesian, 17 February 2016

“The service is good.”

Mr Lucky Yuwono, Indonesian, 17 February 2016

“We want to say thank you for all your help, the service is perfect and we got a lot of help. Thanks.”

Mr Paulus Lofri, Indonesian, 7 January 2016

“Service is very good.”

Mr Robby Kurniawan, Indonesia, 23 November 2015

“A bit pricey but everything else is supper good. Thank you so much.”

Mr Herman Sugito, Indonesia, 22 November 2015

“Excellent service and very friendly, also help us for the cargo and everything very nice. Thank you.”

Mr Eko Kurmiadi, Indonesian, 20 November 2015

“Thank you for taking care of Kumiadi Cahyona and dress him up gently. He looks peaceful and I thank you for the good job. Jason has done a good job arranging and taking care of documentations and stuffs.”