Our Services

Outbound Singapore
Possessing extensive experience in handling repatriations to countries all over Asia, America, Europe, Africa and the Pacific, we are trusted for our professional services. Services include transfer of loved ones from local hospitals, embalming to international certification standards, documentation and endorsement from relevant authorities, transportation via air/sea/road and international coordination.

We are able to arrange for an overseas funeral director to receive the repatriated remains at the destination country.

Inbound Singapore
Our services cover travel arrangements for family members to the country where the death occurred, the facilitation of repatriation with the local authorities and funeral director, and transportation of remains back home to Singapore. When remains are back in Singapore, we are able to assist in arranging for a proper funeral wake/service and cremation/burial.

Local Cremation/Burial
Should family members choose not to repatriate remains back to home country, we can assist to arrange for local cremation/burial. And if families want to bring the ashes back to home country, we can make the arrangements.

Our professional embalmers will carry out the proper process of embalming to ensure the remains are able to cross borders as well as to be able to have a proper send-off, even with an open casket, at the destination country.

We have a wide range of caskets to choose from, with varying sizes and designs. Caskets will be hermetically sealed and packed before the transportation process.

We customized our services to varying needs of bereaved families. You are welcome to send in requests and enquiries for any services that may not be listed above.